Compounds aus technischen Kunststoffen


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geba is certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 + ISO 50001:2011

All work and production steps are accompanied by an ongoing quality control.

In our laboratory, we perform the following standard checks:

    Rheological tests

    -      MVR (Melt Volume Rate)

    -          High-pressure capillary viscometry


    Mechanical tests

    -          Charpy impact and notched impact strength

    -          Determination of the tensile properties
     (tensile modulus, yield strength, elongation at yield, etc.)

    -          Determination of the flexural properties (flexural modulus, flexural strength, etc.)

    -          Shore hardness


    Thermal tests

    -     Determination of the Vicat softening temperature

    -     Determination of the HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature)


    Colouristic tests

    -      Colormetrical measurements in accordance with CIELAB
           (8° measurement geometry, 45° measurement geometry)

    -      Determination of the gloss level

    -          Visual colour evaluation in consideration of various light types


    Electrical conductivity tests

    -          Determination of the surface resistivity

    -          Determination of the volume resistivity


    Flammability tests

    -      Glow wire resistance

    -          Flame resistance in accordance with UL 94

    -          Flame resistance in accordance with FMVSS 302


    Tribological tests

    -      Determination of the abrasion

    -      Determination of the gliding properties


     General tests

    -      Density

    -      Ash content

    -          Bulk density

    -          Water adsorption

    -          Flowability


      We will gladly perform additional tests on request, as well as external
      material tests.

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