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Ennigerloh (Nov./Dec. 2015)

„Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life which make the world a better place for each and every one of us, make others happy, and even save a lives.“

Once again the family-owned company geba has engaged socially to support a DKMS stem-cell typification campaign. Over 25% of the employees at the Ennigerloh site have registered for the world’s largest stem cell database. Geba has also taken part in the „Donate instead of Christmas presents“ campaign, and has donated a substantial part of its Christmas budget to DKMS and their fight against leukaemia. DKMS is an institution that helps to find donors for leukaemia patients.


Background information
In Germany a person is diagnosed with leukaemie every 16 minutes. Many of those afflicted are children, whose only chance of recovery is a stem cell donor. Unfortunately, at the present time only one in every five patients can be saved. DKMS is a non-profit organisation which has compiled and continues to maintain the largest stem-call database in the world. Until 1994 is was financially supported by the Deutschen Krebshilfe organisation and the Federal Ministry for Health. Since then it has been financed by donations from private individuals and companies, as well as reimbursements from health insurance companies for the maintenance of the data. More than 5 million people have registered and, through this small gesture, have declared themseves prepared to save lives of others.

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