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Plastic in the automotive

Plastic has become to one of the most important materials used in the automotive industry.

Well over 1,000 different plastic parts are applied in the construction of an average car. The applications are endless.

Panels, tail lights housings, displays, headlamp components, center consoles, door panels, glove boxes, cup holders, instrument panels, decorative elements, controls, overhead consoles, pillar trim and car interior lighting are only some examples for parts that are made of plastics. Today, even the Mercedes star is composed of plastic.

The reasons for the high plastic usage in the automotive industry are the excellent price-performance ratio, the good workability,
the huge variety of molding, the extreme impact resistance, the high weather & chemical resistance and the low weight, whereby the end user also has savings potential due to a lower petrol consumption.

Our geba plastic compounds have been used for many years in car’s interior, exterior, engine parts and functional areas. geba provides standard materials, but also custom tailored materials with properties, which are tailored to your needs and wishes.

For our »PC / ABS Gebablends we have approvals from famous OEMs and from various well known suppliers of the automotive industry.

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