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Plastic in the medical industry

Our population is aging. Thus the medical industry gains more and more importance.

Due to its various characteristics, the use of plastic is becoming increasingly popular. With regard to the revenue of plastics in the medical industry, 60 % is used in disposable medical products (e.g. catheters, bandages, sanitary products). The rest is applied in medical articles such as diagnostic systems, x-ray equipment and dental & surgical instruments.

Sought-after properties, which make the use of plastic so popular, are the high biocompatibility, high resistance against hydrolysis, chemicals, radiation and decent mechanical properties.

For the medical industry well suitable base materials are
┬╗PA12, TPU, TPE, PE, PMMA. geba is contract manufacturing FDA-approved polymers and additives that are suitable for direct contact with drugs, tissues and blood. Our customers use our compounds e.g. in catheter tubes, hearing aids, and hip & knee implants. The wishes the customer has with respect to chemical, thermal, optical, mechanical and magnetic properties of the material are perfectly adjusted by additives. Pigments with special permits and toxicity studies assure physiological safety.
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