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Newly developed hi-tech compound Desmovit® DP R CF

August 2015

The development divisions of geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH and Covestro ( former Bayer MaterialScience AG) are pleased about a successful material development. The newly developed series Desmovit® DP R CF is a range of ester-based, carbon-reinforced thermoplastic polyurethanes.


The new, hi-tech polymer has many of the positive properties of unfilled thermoplastic polyurethane. Desmovit® DP R CF impresses with its high abrasion resistance, and is also resistant against various oils and fats, hot air and hydrolysis.

Extraordinary mechanical properties

With its mechanical properties TPU Desmovit® DP R CF stands out from the existing glass-fibrereinforced TPU grades. Desmovit® DP R CF has very good flexural and tensile properties. The tensile strength, depending on the level of reinforcement, lies between 70 and 135 MPa, and for the flexural strength values of up to 5700 MPa have been achieved. Via the combination of its excellent tensile strength and its high impact strength and notched impact strength, the new hi-tech material is relevant for parts which are subject to knocks and blows. It’s also worth mentioning that the new plastic only becomes irreparably damaged after a yield strain of 17,5%.

Wide-ranging applications

With its low density and its mechanical properties, Desmovit® DP R CF is ideal for the production of protectors as well as protective cases for tablets and smartphones. The material prevents penetration by sharp objects, absorbs impact force and optimally reduces the remaining energy. The use of the hi-tech plastic is conceivable for diverse applications in the field of sports equipment as well as for use in durable housings for various fields of application such in watches, tools and binoculars. This will ensure, for example, that the optical components of the binoculars will not be damaged through shocks and knocks. The carbon fibre reinforced TPU with its sophisticated mechanical values is antistatic after a certain level of reinforcement and lends itself, with these antistatic properties, to use in rollers, wheels and housings where electrostatic charges are to be avoided. It can therefore be considered for use in mining or the chemical sector as well as for industrial gear wheels. Due to the material’s heat and cold stability it is also ideal for use in various outdoor applications.


The combination of extreme impact toughness and tensile strength cannot be matched by any of the more than 43,000 grades of a well-known material database.*

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* geba property research, Feb. 2015

®= registered trademark of Covestro, exclusively produced and sold by geba

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