Compounds aus technischen Kunststoffen


Gebamic micro pellets: A real alternative to plastic powder


  • Compounding and micro granulation are done within one single production step, whereas the production of plastic powder is done in two steps. Therefore the materials are exposed to greater risks of contamination and the pulverization is more time consuming. As the production of polymer powder is done by only a few specialists, injection molders and other producing companies normally have to deal with a compounder as well as with a pulverization partner. This means higher costs for know how, process and transportation, so that additional costs of 10 percent and more are quite usual.
  • Unlike cold grinding powder, Gebamic micro pellets can be processed dust free. Expensive safety measures are thus not necessary.


Application examples

  • Production of rotional moled applications (slush skins for car dashboards Slush- Häute für Pkw-Instrumententafeln, gasoline tank,casings, plastic furniture, sport and toy
  • Coating of conveyor belts, fabrics, textiles and flooring, metalls
  • Knife Coating


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