Compounds aus technischen Kunststoffen

PC/ABS (Polycarbonate/Acrylnitril Butadien Styrol)

Geba Kunststoffcompounds has produced PC/ABS plastic granulate for over 25 years. The blend is characterised by its high impact and notched strength, an excellent thermal resistance, an attractive finish, and by the ease with which it can be processed.

Its properties mean that PC/ABS is ideally suited for use in car interiors.

Examples of injection moulding applications in the automotive sector include display screens, center consoles, storage compartments and covers, visors, air vents, cup holders, rear-light housings, ashtrays, overhead control units and seatbelt slots.


Geba's PC/ABS plastic granulate is supplied under the brand name Gebablend. With PC/ABS Gebablend, geba have secured long-time approvals for several large OEMs and their suppliers, and the material is available in all the interior colours of the leading car manufactures.

As well as for automotive applications, PC/ABS Gebablend is regularly used for the housings of appliances such as TVs. telephones, chargers, input devices, switches, electricity meters, cabling ducts and sockets in the electrical and electronics sector. These PC/ABS grades are usually flame retardant, and fulfil the criteria of the fire protection class V-0.