Compounds aus technischen Kunststoffen


Micro Pellets

Micro pellets are pellets with a size of ≤ 400 mµ, made by using a modern underwater pelletizing technique​​. The use of micro pellets has significant manufacturing advantages.

Production advantages

  • very good flow properties
  • excellent melting properties
  • dust-free processing
  • signifcant cost saving


Micro pellets are an ideal alternative to plastic powder. Applications are for example conveyor belts, rotational molding, slush skins and fabric coatings in the automotive sector. In addition, they are suitable for all applications that depend on exact dosages, such as in the micro-injection molding process or in the production of color- and functional batches.

The use of micro granules saves time and money and improves the properties of the final product. geba produces micro pellets with its own or with your material.

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